How the Tool Loan Program Works

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Prewar / 1948

1950s & 1960s






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Note: Paypal will charge your credit card Immediately, however some items may be out of stock and take up to 1 to 2 weeks to fill your order.

How to use the JCNA tool loan program


Please ensure you read this first and fully understand and agree before proceeding!

1. You may only use the JCNA tool loan program if you are a current member of JCNA.  If your membership is pending it will not be honored. If there is an issue with pending membership you should contact your club to expedite the application or if you are a Member at large (MAL) you should contact the administrator of JCNA.

2. To receive tools you must provide an address (not a PO Box) that is consistent with your address of record with JCNA or explain the reason for a different address. Tools will only be shipped to the JCNA member.

3. The cost of shipping the tools is fully borne by the member. Once received back JCNA will refund the security deposit minus a small service charge for cleaning and inspection/ restocking.

4. Tools kept longer than the service agreement will be charged a penalty fee unless there are extenuating circumstances or prior agreement has been made.

5. Other requirements will be found in the agreement and release form. Please read and understand it. Questions can be directed to 888-258-2524 Ex#7.

***Now that is out of the way here is how you navigate the program. Understand this is a work in progress and we fully intend to upgrade it to make it easier. For now, this service is offered as follows:

1. Determine which catalog icon your needs fit in. For example, if your car is a 1980 XJ6 go to the catalog for tools of the 1980s.

2. Click on the catalog icon and open the file. This is a full listing of the Jaguar special tools for that period. The catalogs are organized by major groups-engine, transmission, body etc. You should search in the sections for the tool you need. This should be made easier as you are required to have a factory workshop manual.  (an alternate method of searching will be discussed later).

3. After finding the tool you should type it on the order form that can be found under that icon on the home page. Please remember that some tools are buildable. For example, if you want to separate the rear springs on your E-Type you will need the tools for that PLUS the large hand press. So note all parts needed.

4. Once you have noted the tools needed go to the main tool page. The search method for the tools is discussed at the top of the list. It is fairly simple, but you must understand that for example the tool number 20 will come before tool number 3 as the first digit is used for the base. Coupled with slashes and alpha characters this prevents the tools from simply being in number order. Tools also changed numbers over the years which is why we have provided a line drawing of the tools for a visual comparison. The tools are listed in numerical order.

5. Now that you have found your tools, please submit your request.  It is important that we know the numbers of tools that you did not find so that we can search for them and hopefully acquire them for the future (see the Heritage and Donation icon).

6. Once submitted and verified you will be contacted by phone with the total deposit and shipping cost. You will be billed for the shipping cost to you and it will be your responsibility to pay for shipping back. Call tags are not an option as they tend to be lost in too many cases. Only a traceable shipping method is acceptable. If unpacked carefully the original shipping box can be re-used.

7. Upon receipt of the tools they should be inspected. Normal wear is to be expected but any substantial damage should be reported prior to using the tool. Use of the tools once received will be in strict accordance to the workshop manual and the loan agreement. Any damage to the tools will be deducted from the deposit.

8. When the use of the tool has been achieved the tool should be returned ASAP. There are several tools that are in heavy demand so treat it like a hot library book. Once received the tool will be inspected for cleanliness, damage, and completeness. When it is determined that the tool is as sent, you will be refunded the deposit minus the charges in the original agreement and the tool will either be restocked or sent to the next requestor.

9. That is it!   Please understand this program has been thought out pretty well and has worked well for over a decade. The tool program consists of tools from several collections of which the owners have agreed to allow JCNA to use and hold. Some of these tools are in fact not replaceable so no deposit amount is actually satisfactory as replacement is not possible. The program has been designed to simply offer this as a benefit for membership and the mechanism for that program is to protect the tools.  ENJOY and make some of those difficult if not impossible jobs easy—remember that is the reason the tools were developed.  If ease and accuracy in a job could be achieved with a hammer and crowbar that is all that would have been offered!