1. If a location is working, then it may be best to keep it, but also consider changing location periodically.
    • At meetings, circulate a simple "Quick Survey" to see if the members like the location, was the food good, was it easy to get to, was the meeting content good. Include a comments section.  In general, if 80% liked things, that's a good sign you are on the right track.
    • Consider having a meeting at the dealership or a member's home
  2. Invite guest speakers on a variety of topics - could be someone from the dealership such as service manager, parts and merchandise manager or sales management.
  3. At meetings, encourage open dialog and engage others to speak as much as possible.  Members like to hear a good variety of speakers - keeps the meetings interesting
    • Short reports from the following chairs - Membership, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, Social Committee, etc.  
  4. Remember that every member is different.  Some really want technical information, some want new car information, some what to know how to maintain the exterior, or how to prepare for a Concours, some may just want the social aspect, some want to travel to interesting destinations, etc. Try to mix things up and hit all of the different interests.
    • Consider one or two meetings per year dedicated to technical information
    • Consider having a meeting at a local restoration shop to focus on restoration
    • Consider having a meeting at the local dealer to talk about new cars
    • Consider having a meeting dedicated to preparing cars for concours
  5. Consider introducing audio-visual/media into local club meetings where appropriate (Refer to Youth Initiatives Section #2)