1. Find a job for anyone who is willing or wants one!  
    • Jobs can be quite simple such as bringing food to a club function, helping organize a tour or helping with field setup at a Concours.  
    • Members should be encouraged (gently pushed) to take on progressively more complex tasks.  
    • Assign or encourage multiple members to write articles or send in pictures for the Club newsletter
  2. Assign new members as "apprentice" to officers or others with club responsibilities 
  3. Assign members to "follow-on" (Succession Planning) positions.  
    • Example: the VP is already designated as the next President.  
    • Example: the Assistant Concours Chairman is next year?s Chairman
  4. Other Ideas
    • Concours event should be open to all members whether or not they are showing their car - consider ways to involve all members (happy hour, awards banquet, golf, etc.)
    • Consider social events such as Summer Party, Holiday Party, Combined Birthday Parties, etc.   Consider creating a Social Events Chairperson to organize all events, ensure variety and coordination with other club leadership
    • Strive to have at least 1 driving event per quarter (slalom, tour or rally). More is better.
    • Create a Nomination Committee 6 months prior to elections.  President should announce well at meetings, events and through newsletters that the Nominations Committee will ask every member to consider a role.  Let the Nominations Committee define desired roles and create ballots for the elections.  Over time, this process will stimulate interest and feed the supply line for future leaders.