JCNA now offers the option of displaying a thumbnail of your current newsletter ( or of a past issue sample ) along with a link to the online version. You can either enter a link to the file on your own site or you can upload your file and a thumbnail image of its cover using our convenient Newsletter upload page. See Newsletter upload section for this feature. If you prefer to link to a file hosted on your own site, simply type in the URL of the file, the URL of the thumbnail image of the cover and any note you wish to include. Important: you must include the http:// of the URL.

Even if your club already offers its newsletter online on your club site, we recommend that you use the upload feature. This will automatically generate an email to all club editors to advise them that your newsletter has been updated and it also allows to display your newsletter in the club spotlight on the home page.

If using the Newsletter uploader, do not edit the files URL, simply edit the note field as needed. This could include file size and type, issue date, etc...

How to create PDF files
Adobe Acrobat PDF files are an easy way to make documents available across a number of platforms. Your most likely situation is to create a Word document, and then save your document as a PDF. There are plenty other options, in terms of programs, that create PDF's for you.