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Provisional/Official Event Date Club Event Type Title
Provisional Jul 13, 2024 SW03 Concours San Diego Jaguar Club 60th Annual Concours d' Elegance
Provisional Jul 11, 2024 SE21 Concours 2024 "Head to the Mountains" Concours d'Elegance
Official Jun 23, 2024 NE08 Concours Annual Jaguar Club of Southern New England Concours d’Elegance
Provisional Jun 22, 2024 SW07 Concours 2024 RMJC Concours
Official Jun 08, 2024 SC35 Concours Jaguar Owners Association of North Texas 2024 Sanctioned Concours
Provisional Jun 08, 2024 SE12 Concours 2024 Virginia Jaguar Club Sanctioned JCNA Concours
Provisional Jun 02, 2024 SW04 Concours 68th Annual Jaguar Owners Club, Inc., Los Angeles Concours & Car Show
Provisional Jun 01, 2024 SW04 Concours Southwest Region JCNA Concours 'd Elegance, HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA
Provisional Jun 01, 2024 NE33 Concours DVJC Annual Concours d'Elegance
Official May 25, 2024 NC63 Concours 2024 Susquehanna Valley Jaguar Club Concours d'Elegance
Provisional May 04, 2024 SC37 Concours Jaguar Club of Austin 2024 Concours D' Elegance
Provisional Apr 28, 2024 NE40 Concours 60th NCJOC CONCOURS d’ELEGANCE
Provisional Apr 19, 2024 SC14 Concours Gran Concurso Internacional de Elegancia Club Jaguar
Official Feb 23, 2024 SE09 Concours Jaguar Club of Florida 2024 Concours