The Karen C. Miller Award

Karen Christine Miller (1945-2003) was an active contributor to the growth of JCNA for more than 30 years. She chaired the original Concours Committee, co-wrote the JCNA Rule Book, served on the Business Committee, maintained the JCNA roster and was a Regional Director

She conceived and developed the Andrew Whyte and Fred Horner Awards and originated the JCNA AGM Technical Seminars and Annual Newsletter Awards. Professionally, Karen was Associate Editor of Jaguar Journal from 1985 and the Jaguar Cars North American Archivist from 1990 to 2003.

This award is presented annually to the JCNA affiliate newsletter editor who best represents Karen Miller’s talents and ideals as a writer, editor, historian and ultimate Jaguar club volunteer. The recipient will qualify by producing, in one year at least four newsletters to the highest standards of editorial content and production.

Why is this award important? Because a good newsletter is the lifeline for every local club. It contains news, the calendar of area event, technical advice and features of local interest. The editor who puts out a timely, well-produced publication packed with information is directly contributing to keeping the organization healthy and active.

Past Recipients

2023 : No Award Presented
2022 : David Moulton, Jaguar Club of New England
2021 : Brian Craig, Delaware Valley Jaguar Club
2020 : Matthew Johnson, Jaguar Association of Greater Saint Louis
2019 : Kurt Jacobson, Jaguar Driver's and Restorer's Club of Northwest America
2018 : Robert Delmar, Jaguar Club of Florida
2017 : Malcolm Baster, Jaguar Car Club of Victoria
2016 : Jerry Cohen, Carolina Jaguar Club
2015 : Allan Ellis, Jaguar Association of Greater St. Louis
2014 : Brad Purvis, Virginia Jaguar Club
2013 : Karen Corbett Diercksmeier, Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
2012 : Irene Eve Chudzik, Jaguar Club of Ohio
2011 : Jennifer Orum, Canadian XK Jaguar Register
2010 : Paul Griffin, Jaguar Drivers & Restorers Club of Northwest America
2009 : Prebble Eklof, Jaguar Association of New England
2008 : Linda Young, Jaguar Club of Tulsa
2007 : Dick France, Jaguar Associate Group
2006 : Ginger Corda, Jaguar Club of Florida
2005 : Doug Ingram, Jaguar Club of Victoria
2004 : Harry Parkinson, Jaguar Association of New England
2003 : Pascal Gademer, South Florida Jaguar Club