Jaguar XK120 DHC /Installing the Soft Top and Headliner

Posted By SW05 on 25 Nov 2018

Well I don’t own a XK120 DHC (yet) but if (when) I did own one of the classic autos I am sure that there is a chance that I will need to install a headliner and canvas top.  As I understand finding a craftsman able and willing to do the install for you is near impossible and if you do find one of the elusive craftsmen it may be prohibitory expensive.   Fear not!  JAG Member John Gegner has come to the rescue with his great book.

John has co-authored this how-to manual, which also applies to XK140’s, and has self-published the book.  The book relates the story of how John embarked on this important phase of his frame off restoration and how he worked side by side with Gregg Philbrick to document and photograph the installation.  The 75 pages and 104 photos of the book is organized into six sections and an appendix.  The appendix has part numbers and descriptions, photos of obscure parts, sources and restoration procedures and techniques.

The book is a well written story and has ample color photographs of the process steps and undocumented assembly details.

This book is a must if you are involved in an XK120 or XK140 restoration and also a great addition to any Jaguar enthusiast’s library at the  bargain price of $25 plus shipping. Contact John @

Les Hamilton. JAGazette Editor