First Jag

Posted By SC31 on 05 Aug 2010
FIRST JAG by Your President, Shane York Several years ago, I was cruising up Broadway Extension in Edmond and as I always do, watching the used car lots between East 15th St. and East 2nd. St. where upon I spied a white older model Jaguar sedan sitting on the front of the lot among some Mercedes Benz, Audis, Volvos and other foreign cars. I really wasn't looking to buy a Jaguar, thinking as many people do, that a Jaguar was WAY OUT of my of my budget. Then I thought, "Why not just take a closer look." Now bear in mind I had been driving a 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III with a gas guzzler 460 engine and using it in my Independent Industrial Components Sales Business for the past 15 years. This was also about the same time when my son Nathan was rebuilding his 1963 MG Midget with a bit of my help and rekindling my love for British Cars when I also was a teenager. My very first car then was a 1953 MG TD that I drove to High School and after that, a 1955 Austin Healey 100/4 that I drove to College. We had recently moved from Tulsa, OK. I had found a 1954 Austin Healey 100/4 in the Tulsa Salvage Yard; it was a basket case but I moved it anyway to El Reno. Nathan wanted to rebuild it but I couldn't afford the parts so he settled for the Midget. As I approached the white Jaguar on that lot, I thought, what a beautiful automobile with its classic long bonnet, four headlights and boat tailed boot. The interior was in great shape and even though it had over 100,000 miles on the speedo, it ran wonderfully. I took it for a test drive and fell in love with it. The dealer told me that it was an '85 Jaguar XJ6 and got very good gas mileage. I took one great long look at that monster 6 cylinder engine and was sold until he told me what they were asking: $5,000. Firm. Then I knew I was never to own a Jaguar! Oh well, I got back in my Lincoln and drove the behemoth home. Several weeks passed and I found myself again in Edmond. As I went up Broadway, I went by the same used car lot and inquired about the Jaguar and was told it had been sold to a real estate salesman and where his office was. I found him and the car. The Jaguar was in back of the office building up on ramps and appeared a sad site!! I asked for the salesman and found that he was having some trouble keeping the Jaguar running and he wanted to get rid of it. We arrived at a very low price, made the deal, and I had it taken by tow truck back to El Reno. I sold my Lincoln and with the money I got I repaired the Jaguar got it running and drove it for the next 15 years. Jill and I found COJA through James and Katie Vaughn of Euro-Tech and we have been members ever since, enjoying every minute of like minded owners of Jaguars. That car is formidable. It is still in our family, residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my grandson, Mathew Rinaldi, his spouse Roxy and his family. The car is providing not only reliable transportation but a source of enjoyment for his family. My great grandson, Brandon refers to it as "HIS JAGUAR"! Let us know what brought you to purchasing a Jaguar, what it means to you every time you open the driver's door and cruise down the streets and freeways of Oklahoma with people turning their heads to have a better look at you and your Jaguar. Submit your Jaguar's picture with you and spouse in or by it so you car share your experience with other members in COJA.