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JCNA has been your source for discount books and regalia, and in an effort to continue this we have closed a deal to acquire all remaining copies of Jaguar in America (2ed) by Dugdale/Cook. We have lowered prices and will offer this wonderful book for as long as supplies last. If you think you know about Jaguar and its history this book will possibly surprise you. Most Jaguar history books are written by UK authors who have little knowledge of the efforts and special place the American market held for Jaguar. If you do not have this work you should and if you think you can find it elsewhere you can. A quick check on Google will show you a new copy will run over $100 and a used copy about $30. The JCNA shoppe price is half that! This book is far more useful than the E 50 book which is sold out and at a fraction of that price. Please know that when these are gone they are gone!

Submitted by SE98-32482CJ on Sun, 02/02/2014 - 11:11

Lynn we sold out of the first shipment--waiting on the bulk to arrive. They were hidden on the shoppe as we did not want folks to back order--when the rest arrive we will send out a shoppe blast and you will be able to see it. Stay tuned!

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I'm still relatively new to this, so I would probably have to "reprint" so much of it here, that I'd cross the line into copyright infringement!

But I'll let you know if anything spectacular jumps out at me.... :-)