Wow. Once we go down the road of codifying to the nth degree, don't we immediately open ourselves to needing to spell out every single permissible/non-permissible antic, medical condition, co-driver status and fitness, responsibilities, etc.etc?

I'm not a lawyer of course, but it seems to me that once you abandon the concepts of reasonableness and the slalom master's discretion (which can cover any situation) you'd have to spell out any and every possible scenario before you were safe again from litigation? Slippery slope and all that?

I will obviously publicise any decisions in the Journal, but y'all must attend much hotter events than I have, where I've never seen any of this behaviour, or even close. I'd better say nothing more because where I come from we haven't even bothered writing a constitution and the only Sergeant at Arms I've ever heard of is an old geezer in parliament with a sword he has no idea how to use.