Submitted by ACP on Tue, 09/11/2018 - 10:50

Hi there - I have a 100% preservation 1972 OTS manual but I'm fitting a full tonneau for practicality. I've seen photos of the cars in period with full tonneaus and in fact I've sourced a NOS one of the same material as the original top, but I'm confused on two things: I've never seen a close-up of the lift-the-dot studs fitted to replace the screws on the ends of the defroster vents. Seems to me they ought to be black. But were they?

Also, every full tonneau I've seen for the S3 has no headrest pockets. It's possible to fit it lightly tensioned on the headrests, but that seems a bit careless. Are they meant to have headrest pockets, or are you meant to take the headrests off?

Last, were these a factory, dealer, or full aftermarket option? I can't tell from Original E-Type.

Thanks Jaguar Hive Mind!