If you fancy old cars regardless of marque, you’re going to love the Evergreen. The owner, Steve Plaster, will give us a personal tour of his facility. Steve owns Passport Transportation, I’m sure you have all seen his trucks. Steve buys, sells, and trades every day. Even if you have been to the Evergreen before, this visit will contain different vehicles.

You will see 300-400 cars in several interconnected buildings. He employs a restoration staff including one person who is charged with starting the cars. Yes, they all run! And they are all for sale, except one.

Join The Jaguar Association of Greater St. Louis, the Cadillac & LaSalle Club of St. Louis, and the Horseless Carriage Club of Missouri on Saturday April 13th for the Evergreen Experience. Lunch in the Dogwood Room and personal tour is $40 per person. Mr. Plaster won’t allow individuals to tour, only groups.

To join the tour, fill out the attached form and send it with your payment and E-mail address to: 

HCCM, c/o John Hartmann
1908 Bennington Common Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63146-2555

Questions? Call John at 314 313-0305.

Directions will be E-mailed in early April. Join our caravan at Wally’s located at 950 Assembly Parkway, Fenton, MO. 

Gather at 8:00 am on the west lot by the Tesla chargers. Plan on leaving at 8:30 am and making one rest stop along the way. The drive is 2 ½ hours plus the rest stop. 

For more Information: www.Evergreenhistoricautomobiles.com

Event Date
Event End Date
Event Location
Rallye leaves from Wally's in Fenton
Event Location ( second line )
The Evergreen Collection in Lebanon, MO
Event Chairperson
Nathaniel Leonard
Event Flyer
Chairperson Phone
(314) 685-5951
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