Date: Aug, 22 2020

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Join us for the JCNA 2020 Annual General Meeting Video Teleconference.

JCNA needs to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year to stay current with all our business issues and keep all the Associated Clubs informed and help direct our organization.

Due to the virus concerns, we had to cancel our planned March AGM in Las Vegas. 

As it turned out, the casino was actually closed for the planned weekend.

Using new technology we held a conference call and invited the entire JCNA community. 

The call was a success with about the same number of attendees as an in-person AGM.

That call was not considered "official" and no voting or real resolutions took place.  The AGM was rescheduled for August in South Carolina.

The virus is not letting up so we will again will not be able to meet in person.  We again will hold a Conference Call AGM. 

The last call was a successful practice.  The upcoming AGM call will be considered "Official" and roll-call voting will take place and be recorded.

The Club Delegate or Proxies must be documented so that we know who is authorized to vote for each Club. 

The reports that were previously covered that do not have any significant changes will not be covered in detail unless questions arise.

There are some significantly new reports that need to be covered and voted upon.

New reports are being posted to this page of the JCNA website as they become available.

Shortly before the upcoming AGM, all the new reports will be e-mailed out to all the Clubs, delegates, and proxies.

We expect the upcoming AGM to last 2 to 3 hours.  Very much different from previous 6 to 7 hours.

The conference call will start at 8:00 am PT, 9:00 am MT, 10:00 am CT and 11:00 am ET. 




Monday, August 17th, 2020


Saturday, August 22nd, 2020



Proposals & Agendas
A-0 Agenda (08212020) NA Yes
A-1 Introduction Les Hamilton Verbal
A-2 JCNA Board of Directors BoD Yes
A-3  Delegate Roll Call (08212020) Bob Matejek Yes
A-4 Administrative Instructions (08192020) L Hamilton & B Matejek Yes
A-5 Approval of 2019 AGM Minutes Bob Matejek Yea
CR-1 President's Perspective Les Hamilton Yes
CR-2 Voting Delegate Roll Call Bob Matejek Yes
CR-2a Article III Sec 2  John Boswell Yes
CR-2b Article IV Sec 4  John Boswell Yes
CR-2c Article IV Sec 10  Bill Beible Yes
CR-2d Article V Sec 6  John Boswell Yes
CR-2e Article VI Sec 1 John Boswell Yes
CR-2f Article VI Sec-6 John Boswell Yes
CR-2g Article X Sec 1 Online Meetings John Boswell Yes
CR-2h Article X Sec 1 Online Representation John Boswell Yes
CR-4 JLR Liaison Report Fred Hammond No
CR-5 Treasurers Report Bill Sihler Yes
CR-6 2021-2025 Financial Plan TBD Yes
CR-8f Proposal - Concours Score Sheets Philip Lodge Yes
CR-10 Executive Election Candidates Jerry Ellison Yes
CR-12 Membership Committee Report M Mayuga & N Rummel Yes
CR-13 AGM & IJF Calendar TBD Yes
CR-22 Concours Rule Book H Kritzman & S Kennedy Yes
CR-24 Rally Committee Report  Bill Beible Yes
CR-26 Insurance Report  Gary Vaughan Yes
CR-27 JCNA Special Award Winners Bob Matejek Yes
CR-31  Website Update Jack Humphrey Yes
CR-37 2020 Event Roll-Up Jack Humphrey Yes
CR-39 2020 IJF Rescheduled R Thuss & L Hamilton No
Misc - Open Discussion Delegates & Guests NA
Complete AGM Packet (08222020) NA Yes



July 8, 2020 - New Business Submissions.

July 22, 2020 - Session Reports Updated.


New Business
Discussion Items
Committee Reports

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