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Vacuum line routing diagram

started by Clay Ruple, 2 posts, last on Feb 26 - 22:11 by Michael Eck
Trouble re-starting (when hot) after a stall.

started by Jason Rudd, 7 posts, last on Feb 26 - 21:56 by Jay Weber
1994 xjs reprogram key fob

started by Larry Louton, 2 posts, last on Feb 26 - 13:54 by Steven Petry
1965 S1 E-Type Under dash question
(Concours & Originality)

started by Tyson Ferrer, 4 posts, last on Feb 26 - 8:13 by jeffrey snyder
Jaguar Heritage Certificate questions

started by Tyson Ferrer, 11 posts, last on Feb 26 - 4:13 by Tyson Ferrer
Stinks of exhaust

started by Jason Rudd, 8 posts, last on Feb 25 - 20:55 by Jason Rudd
Rod bearings .010 for $12.95

started by David Potter, 3 posts, last on Feb 25 - 11:04 by David Potter
brakes squeal
(XJ8 - XJR)

started by Alex Sapyta, 1 posts, last on Feb 25 - 2:04 by
Mechanical Tachometer vs. Electronic

started by Tom Cessario, 5 posts, last on Feb 24 - 14:46 by Tom Cessario
LED dashboard lights

started by George R. Parker, 11 posts, last on Feb 24 - 13:07 by George R. Parker