Restoration Tools and Extra Parts from 1966 S1 E-Type Coupe


I kept all my tools and extra parts - both old and new -  following a 5 year restoration of my '66 E-type Coupe. Years later, it's time to let them go. Before I post photos, I want to find out if anyone is interested in things like: a hub puller, support racks for door mounting, a custom made rear end rolling support for when you've removed the IRS for rebuilding but need to be able to roll car (this is crude but works great), ultrasonic parts washer, small parts spray booth, many original fasteners (virtually every nut, screw, and bolt, ready to be cleaned and replated), several wishbones, original radiator, etc. etc. - the list goes on and on. Let me know if interested in anything; I'm in Marin County and usually around.