Need New Wire Wheel Whitewall Tires for 1963 Jaguar Mark 2 Sedan


Hello All,

Nick Vadalla at London Auto in Falls Church, VA is wrapping up a rebuild of my Mark 2's 3.8L engine.

I am in need of 4 X Whitewall Tires to replace the 20 year old Pirelli wire wheel tires.

The car has wire wheels and will need new inner tubes along with new tires.

The Mark 2 has a narrow tire width to avoid rubbing the spats in the back. 

The tire specification is 185 HR 15.  The whitewall width is a narrow 1 1/2" wide.

I can't find a replacement tire.  It has been difficult to locate any tire close to this profile, as it appears that Pirelli, Michelin and many tire manufactures have phased out low volume tires.

I am writing for any assistance and any leads that will help me locate a suitable tire for a reasonable price.

Thank you,

Bill Fox

Manassas, VA

Mobile: (571) 426-7584