Jaguar Association of New England

JANE is a diverse organization with members of all backgrounds and ages with a common bond of friendship and enthusiasm for the automobile, especially Jaguars. Our members include engineers, professors, artists, automotive professionals, pilots, lawyers, and a variety of other professions. We love to organize tours, tech sessions, slaloms, and rallies. Our annual Concours d'Elegance, held in a beautiful lakeside location in Central Massachusetts, is not to be missed! Monthly meetings are open to all on the 4th Wednesday of every month. See JANE's website for location and agenda.



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  • Third Eye at the 2009 AGM (from the Wife and JCSNE Proxy) (2009-03-25)
  • 2006 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (2006-08-11)
  • Slalom Fastest Lady is no Scaredy Cat! (2004-12-08)
  • E-type 5 Speed Conversion (2004-09-30)
  • 2003 Newsletter Competition Results (2004-03-23)
  • Variable Valve Timing for the XK Engine: Part 2, It Runs! (2003-10-08)
  • NE Region Goes to Pocono (2003-08-13)
  • HPDE Jan. '03 Report: On Track with a Pair of Silver E-Types (2003-01-28)
  • Variable Valve Timing in your Twin Cam Jaguar Future ? (2003-01-08)
  • E-Type Rear Wheel Steering, a Solution (2002-06-06)

  • - Announcements -
    Our club is governed by a Board consisting of Directors elected for staggered 3-year terms plus the current President and Past President. As of January 1, 2015 our Board and officers consist of:

    Officers with one-year terms
    President: Jim Sambold
    Vice President - Membership: Ed Avis
    Vice President - Events: Dean Saluti
    Secretary: Bonnie Getz
    Treasurer: Don Holden

    General Board Members with two years remaining in their terms:
    Lauren MacCarthy
    Jennifer Taylor
    Gus Niewenhous
    Marjorie Cahn
    Alec Karys
    Mike Axford

    General Board Members with one year remaining in their terms:
    Rich Kosinski
    Dennis Eklof
    Al Zanengo

    Newly elected for three years:
    David Moulton
    Frank Grimaldi
    John Brady
    - Upcoming Events -
    June 20 Spring Slalom
    August 8 Concours and Jaguar Festival
    September 12 Fall Slalom

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